Google Meet is getting a wider rollout on Google Glass

Google Meet videoconferencing is adding fuller support for Google Glass, the company’s frequently overlooked augmented reality headset. Yesterday, Google announced an open beta of “Meet on Glass” for the Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Users with Google Workspace can sign up to test the service following a closed beta announced last year.

As The Verge’s Sean Hollister laid out last year, Meet on Glass works differently from normal online videoconferencing. When a Google Glass wearer connects, other participants get a first-person view from the headset camera. Google pitches it as a collaborative remote troubleshooting tool for the business-focused Glass Enterprise Edition, replacing less hands-free options like capturing a video with your phone.

Glass failed as a consumer product, but it found new life as a $999 enterprise headset that serves a similar niche to Microsoft HoloLens and (as of last year) Magic Leap headsets. Microsoft promotes a paid HoloLens remote assistance tool that works similar to Meet with Glass.