You can now make iced Biscoff lattes – and they’re perfect for the heatwave

Lotus Biscoff might be a popular ingredient in autumn-themed recipes, however, those longing for that sweet and cosy cinnamon-ginger taste in the summer can still quench their hunger (and thirst).

Indeed, the spicy and popular biscuits, which are also sold as a spread, can be used in just about any delicious treat from truffles to doughnuts.

So if you’re seeking a refreshing beverage during the summer, especially during the recent heatwave, these recipes for you.

Some creative coffee enthusiasts have devised the perfect recipes for sweet-toothed Biscoff fans to cool off with in this heat.

The Lotus Biscoff iced lattes are trending all over social media.

A number of TikTok videos demonstrate how to make the delicious cold brew – and it’s much easier than you might think.

Despite having several variations of the latte online, certain ingredients seem to regularly come up.

These include coffee, Lotus Biscoff spread, Milk (including non-dairy) and of course ice.

TikTok user “7amcoffeclub” made an aesthetically pleasing video to Grover Washington Jr.’s “Just the Two of Us” using the following recipe:

A scoop of Biscoff paste
80ml of coffee in a measuring cup
Mix both the paste and coffee together
Fill a water cup with icecubes
Add a Teaspoon of what appears to be caramel syrup
Add milk to the water cup until it is half full
Add the ix of coffee and Biscoff
Mix everything together

The coffee enthusiast who regularly posts drink recipes on her page received many positive feedbacks.

However, a user warned others to use the right type of paste: “I made it with the crunchy spread once. Don’t do that.”

To which the latte enthusiast replied: “Mistakes were made.”