Man’s pasta dish divides opinions as people say ‘Bear Grylls wouldn’t eat that’

A man has come under fire after he shared a picture of his spaghetti and hot dog dinner.

The man, known only as Kye W, shared a picture of his dish to the Rate My Plate group on Facebook.

With a following of almost three million users, Rate My Plate is a community where people upload pictures of their weirdest and most wonderful dishes to be judged by fellow foodies – and the latest creation to be judged is Kye’s, reports Daily Star.

In the picture was a bowl filled with plain spaghetti pasta that had been threaded through cut up pieces of hot dog.

Since being posted, users have rushed to give their opinion of the dish.

One person said: “Undoubtedly the finest plate of food I’ve seen made out of Play-doh.”

Another begged: “At least put some ketchup on it!”

A third added: “Every time there is a pasta dish made like this, there is an earthquake in Italy with thousand people losing their life.”

“Bear Grylls wouldn’t eat that,” said another.

But a few people quite liked the look of it, as one astonished person wrote: “Have you actually threaded the ‘spag’ through some of the ‘dog’?? Unbelievable attention to detail!! That dish is definitely worthy of a place in the ‘Rate My Plate’ dish of the day!”

While someone else revealed: “My kids loved making these when they were a bit younger! They called them spaghetti monsters. Even my fussy, can’t stand food touching or will have a melt down child loved them so I can’t complain about this.”